Brunch in Yaletown

When in Yaletown, one must roam around town and take pictures of:
A. What you eat
B. Your outfit
C. A “casually” posed picture that you so did not instruct someone to take *wink* (which may/may not take more than 5 minutes)

The other day I went decor shopping in Yaletown and stopped for a delicious warm potato salad at Earls. It was a cloudy yet humid day so I went out wearing my comfy dark blue shorts that have a ribbon to tie around on the waist and a cream coloured sweater. (Outfit details listed at bottom).

P.S: If you’re looking for some great decor shops to go to in Yaletown, Vancouver, check out Moulé, Chintz & Co., and The Cross Decor & Design. They’ve got tons of great stuff!

Outfit Details:
Garage Clothing
Bottom: Urban Outfitters
Accessories: Sunglasses from Forever 21