San Juan, Puerto Rico

The first stop that the Royal Caribbean Cruise ship reached was San Juan, Puerto Rico. I was in Puerto Rico for a few hours and got to see a beautiful beach, the Cementerio Santa María Magdalena de Pazzis, which is a 19th century cemetery, a few other tourist attraction spots and later had the chance to walk around the area and shop at the local street stands.

I remember driving past the gas stations and my eyes would widen at the fact that gas was only $0.75! How insane is that? Another interesting thing I did in Puerto Rico was watch a man on the streets hand-make cigars. I probably stood there for about ten minutes watching his skills as he carved and made perfectly rolled cigars. Oh, and I also happened to run into Obama… view the pictures below to see my Old and New San Juan adventure.

I think it’s great getting to travel and so fascinating to see how people live their lives in different places around the world. I was in a rain forest area so rain would come pouring down for a minute and then stop. It was still hot at the same time as well, which made rain not so bad. Next blog post I will be posting up pictures from my two favourite islands: St. Thomas and St. Maartens.

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