Islands of the Caribbean

I know it’s been a while since I’ve been back from my trip, but I have been so busy with the last few weeks of classes working on final projects that I had no time at all to blog. In my previous blog post I promised to write about the rest of my adventures on my trip, so here goes.

The Caribbean islands that I explored, once leaving Puerto Rico, were: St. Thomas, St. Maarten, Curacao and Grand Cayman. Out of the four islands, St. Thomas and St. Maarten were my favourite places I’ve ever visited. There was just so much life and energy in the two places and not to mention the people were incredibly welcoming.

St. Thomas was a lot of fun. My cousins and I went to Coral Park which was exciting getting to see baby sharks, iguana’s walking around everywhere, (literally), and other sea creatures. The water was probably the best part. I’ve never seen such clear blue water in my life, it was definitely paradise! Oh, and you can’t go wrong with $2.00 beer. The people of St. Thomas were very friendly and intrigued in getting to know us and our background. I regret not taking pictures with all the people I met there. Below are some of the picture I took from St. Thomas.


St. Maarten was much similar to St. Thomas. The people, the vibes and the beauty were much alike. When we arrived, my older cousin and I went and sat at the Holland Beach House Hotel on the boardwalk of downtown St. Maarten. Outside the hotel was a Moet Champagne bar where my older cousin and I bought a bottle, sat on the comfy couches and relaxed in the warm weather. The downtown area had many high end fashion shops and the style there was very similar to the style here. I didn’t buy much other than souvenirs from the street stands where locals sold handmade crafts. After relaxing for about an hour by the beach, we found a cab driver, who turned out to be hilarious and the best cab ride I’ve ever had, and went down to Maho Beach. We even got a picture with the cab driver who showed us some catchy songs by an artist from St. Maarten. For those who haven’t heard of Maho Beach, well it is known as the “airport beach.” There is an airport right next to the beach so that people, mainly tourists on the beach, are able to see planes come and go. Pretty neat right?! That was probably my favourite part about St. Maarten, oh and also the tasty Piña coladas. Pictures are below.

Next is Curacao. This was probably the most cleanest and mellow locations out of the other islands. There was free wifi all over the main part of town which was really cool and convenient. Here I got to visit a real cave, sit at a beach and eat a delicious hot dog and I also got to try Curacao alcohol, which tasted like juice. The village area was very clean and gorgeous to look at. Take a look below at how the interesting the buildings look.

Lastly, the final island we went to was Grand Cayman. There wasn’t room for the massive cruise ship to stop nearby the island, so we were stopped in the ocean nearby and had to take smaller boats to get to the island. Personally, I was not in love with the island. I was not impressed by the Seven Mile Beach, which is suppose to be known as one of the top beaches in the world. There wasn’t much going on in Grand Cayman either. We visited a couple places: the beach, Hell and a rum factory. The best experience there was probably eating a rum cheesecake!

And there you go. One long blog post about my adventures in the Caribbean. Hope you guys enjoyed viewing the pictures.


2 thoughts on “Islands of the Caribbean

  1. Nice! I want to go to Curacao. I live in Sint Maarten.. still haven’t been to Maho beach. Even though I live two miles away from it.


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