Winter Look Book

Having a hard time figuring out what to wear this winter? Are you getting tired of walking out of the house wearing Ugg (Ugg-ly) boots paired with tights and an oversized sweater? It’s time to forget about those typical winter outfits and time to start adding layers, wearing comfy bottoms and adding lots of winter colour to your wardrobe. After all, ’tis the season to dress comfortable yet fashionable… oh and to be jolly.

It’s always difficult trying to figure out what to wear this season. We wake up and one glance out the window makes us want to wrap a blanket around ourselves, throw on the first oversized hoodie we see laying on the floor and leave the house with a coffee mug in hand. Just because it is freezing cold outside, does not mean we must refuse to dress nice. There is a way to stay comfortable, cozy and chic at the same time. (Yes, the alliteration was on purpose).

Start off by cleaning your closet out. If you haven’t already, take out all the winter colours and put them to the front of your closet. This will make it much easier to find an outfit in the morning and save you time from shuffling through your clothes and not being able to see the floor of your room later. Some of the popular winter colours this year include: cranberryred, deep emerald, teal, orchid— purple, honey mustard, wine and crimson. These colours are must have’s in your wardrobe. Teal and deep emerald are for sure my favourites this year.

For some of you who are sneaker heads, the best way to dress up an outfit with sneakers is simple— layers and comfy denim. If you’re wearing sneakers, first of all make sure those sneakers are clean and looking fresh, they will be the first thing someone walking past you will look at. The key focus of the outfit are your shoes. Secondly, find a really good fitted pair of denims. Boyfriend jeans always work best and they’re easy to wear. Now for pairing a top with the outfit; if you’re going for a tomboy look, an oversized sweater, (or a normal sweater), always works, however layer the sweater. Add a long tank top underneath, layer a couple necklaces with the sweater or even wrap a blanket scarf around you to make the outfit stand out more. If you’re going for a girly look, you can pair a turtleneck top with your outfit, or even a jumpsuit worn underneath. Tucked in always looks best and a oversized cardigan thrown over. Instead of a large blanket scarf with the outfit, since your cardigan is already oversized, an infinity scarf would look best.

Getting out of the house fully ready for a night out in this weather is always a struggle. Yes, it also takes me several hours to find an outfit that is fashionably appropriate for the weather. It may be too cold too wear skirts for some of you, although there are super comfy, midi length, knitted skirts that you can find at many stores such as Forever 21, H&M, Aritzia and so on. Boyfriend denim, regular denim and leather tights are always great substitutes for skirts. Tops can be paired with wool/fur vests, blazers and leather jackets. However, you’re definitely going to need that large winter coat to throw over your outfit if you’re from Canada as well. There are many ways to stay warm and look fashionable when going out at night. Leg warmers are always helpful, knitted wear, big hats, ponchos, blanket scarves, winter headbands, cute earmuffs and leather gloves are the perfect accessories to keep you cozy this season.

There you have it, a look at a couple of my favourite things to wear this season. I will be posting more fashionable looks in the upcoming week so keep visiting my blog. Remember to clean out that closet and put your winter items in the front of your closet to make it easy for you to pick out an outfit to wear in the cold mornings. Stay warm and stay chic! Until next time.

Outfit Details:
Picture #1: Denim from Garage Clothing
Picture #2: Green nail polish from H&M, sweater from H&M
Picture #3: Air Force 1 shoes by Nike, boyfriend denim from Garage Clothing, blanket scarf from Aritzia, grey sweater from Forever 21
Picture #4/5: Turtleneck sweater from Macy’s, black layered tank top from Below the Belt, boyfriend denim from Garage Clothing, Air Force 1 shoes by Nike
Picture #6/7: SB shoes by Nike, denim by Garage Clothing, black sweater from H&M, white layered top from Aritzia
Picture #8: Poncho from Crush Clothing
Picture #9/10: Top from Sirens, denim from Garage Clothing, baby pink heels from Spring, necklace from eBay
Picture #11: Hat from Crush Clothing, top from Sirens, blazer from Jacobs, leather leggings from Sirens, heels from Spring, clutch by Dior


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