Top 10 Outfits of 2015

Hey guys, I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season! I can’t believe the year is almost over. This year has been filled with lots of fun, lessons learned, amazing times with my family and friends and tons of outfit posts. However, I’m excited for the new year and new adventures, and to make more memories.

With the new year just around the corner, I decided to make a blog post on my top ten favourite outfits from this year. Some of these outfits you may recognize from previous blog posts or my Instagram. Enjoy! (Pictures are in no specific order).

Valentine’s Day 

Black is always the safest decision to go with when stuck between choosing what colour/shade to wear for the night. My Valentine’s outfit consisted of my black blazer from Jacobs, a white peplum top from Sirens and leather leggings also from Sirens. Because the outfit consisted of neutral colours, I paired my baby pink heels from Spring and a pink and silver chain necklace from Forever 21. This added a pop of colour to the outfit. I also wore my favourite hat from Crush Clothing to make the outfit more stylish and carried a clutch by Dior, since a big purse would take away from the entire look. Valentine’s day was perfect, it makes me wish I was eating Joey’s right now! Yum..

Take me to the Beach

I can’t wait till summer time, I miss the sun and being at the beach all the time. This outfit was my comfy beach bum look. My floral shorts are from Garage, my top is from H&M, a $5.00 shirt, what a steal right! The flip flops I am wearing are from Aldo and my sunglasses are Burberry. Summer time is meant for loose, baggy clothes and minimal accessories, since it would be too hot to wear junky necklaces, I stuck to wearing my Lokai bracelet.

Date Night

This here is my casual date night outfit. I can’t remember where I ended up going since my plans always change from this to that. Although, this was one relaxed look. I wore the comfiest jeans a girl can own, boyfriend jeans from Garage, matched with my H&M sweater. Because it was still August and not cold out during evenings, flats were still an option to wear! My flats were from H&M for only $14.99, and my accessories consisted of a gold chain necklace from H&M, purse from Aldo, spike bracelet from Forever 21, evil eye bracelet and skull bracelet from my favourite boutique, Crush Clothing. This picture was taken inside my home and edited with pic collage!

A Casual Summer Day

The more I see pictures with my summer outfits, the more I’m missing hot summer days and drinking Palm Bays on the beach! I wore this outfit when my best friend and I went down to Whiterock beach to drink Palm Bays and watch the sunset. I can’t wait for those days again. I am wearing the famous Boyfriend denim from Garage, H&M flats, a loose red tank top from Garage, hat from Crush Clothing, purse by H&M and Burberry shades. Again, no accessories since it was too humid out, other than my Lokai bracelet.

Narnia Vibes

So this picture was definitely taken in Narnia and I was definitely the most stylish one there! The t-shirt dress was a major trend throughout summer 2015, almost everyone had it and there were just so many ways to style this dress. This was one of my favourite ways to wear this look, other ways I would wear it was with a flannel shirt tied around my waist and black booties on my feet. This grey t-shirt dress is from Garage clothing, paired with my Air Force 1 Nikes and my leather jacket from Dynamite. It was a bit too hot to wear my leather jacket, so I had it hanging over my shoulders as a fashion statement. (Another summer trend).

What’s in your Clutch?

This blue clutch was a great steal that I bought from eBay for only $9.00. It also has a chain that comes with it if I ever want to wear it over the shoulder. This outfit was worn on a lunch date with my best friend over summer. I wore my light grey dress from Garage, booties from Urban Outfitters and matched a light blue clutch with it too add colour. My sunglasses are from Coach. In my clutch, or in all my purses, I always carry my lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, etc., because you never know when you may need a touch up, especially in such humid weather sometimes. My phone and sunglasses never left my side!

The Famous Cleveland Outfit

The Cleveland outfit was a famous outfit that a lot of people loved and got a lot of likes! Crop top sports jerseys were so in during summer and a lot of people had the tight fitting basketball crop tops from Forever 21. My O’Neal Cleveland crop top is from F as in Frank in Toronto, which my best friend brought back for me. It was so cute and there were so many ways I was able to wear this top. The way I’ve worn it here is dressed up with a tight fitted black Forever 21 skirt. Other ways I wore this top was with boyfriend denim and denim shorts as well. I absolutely love this outfit.

Comfort at its Finest

This is my all time favourite scrubbed out outfit to wear. Not only is still comfy, it is still fashionably acceptable. My joggers are from Garage and I believe they were only $15! (I always run across great deals.) My crop top hoodie, which is a newly introduced trend that I love, is from H&M and I bought it in all colours! Instead of wearing a hoodie and joggers alone, I dressed it up with my leather jacket from Dynamite to make the look more stylish. And of course Nikes are always the right choice to wear with joggers. I am currently wearing my crop top hoodie as I am typing, and it is one of my favourite clothing pieces. (Yes, that is my new ombre hairstyle!)


Two pieces are one of my favourite type of dresses. They’re so easy to wear and style, rather than going through your closet trying to figure out which crop top to match with your skirt. Stripes are always perfect for the summer time as well. This two piece is from Sirens, heels are from Spring, purse by Aldo and my necklace is from Van Heusen.

Kitty Vibes

Here’s a look at another casual summer outfit. I was so obsessed with cats at one point… (still love them)… and I saw this shirt and just had to purchase it! The shirt is from Urban Behaviour and my denim shorts are from F as in Frank. Those denim shorts have to be the best pair of short shorts I own! My flip flops are from Ardenes, purse by Micheal Kors and shades by Coach. I love relaxed outfits like this one.

And there you have it. My top ten favourite outfits from this year. I won’t be making another post till the new year, so I hope everyone has an amazing New Year’s Day! Happy New Year’s to everyone and may your night be epic! See you all in the new year.


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