Improve Your Shoe Game Picture

You must all be familiar with the term “shoe game” on Instagram. This hashtag refers to the foot wear you are wearing. There seems to be the same types of pictures on Instagram when you search the hashtag “shoe game.” All pictures seem to be a close up of just the foot wear and nothing else… kind of original if you ask me. If you’re someone who needs new ways to improve your shoe game picture on Instagram, then this blog post is a must read for you.

Now I’m not saying it’s a bad thing that you take a close up picture of just your shoes, but there is a way to make that picture look more appealing and detailed. Always try different angles, you don’t necessarily have to center the image right in the middle all the time either. Also try getting other parts of your outfit into the picture rather than just your foot wear. For example see the pictures below.

In the above pictures I included a portion of my outfit as well. This makes the picture more detailed and fashionable to look at. The key focus still remains the foot wear.

Another way to take a picture of your foot wear is sitting down and getting a closer look at your shoe game. Next time when you’re taking a picture of your shoes, try laying down and get a better high up angle to capture the picture. See examples below:

There are many other creative ways to take shoe game pictures. Instead of wearing your shoes, try holding them up for the pictures. This makes the picture not only creative but different from the original shoe game pictures you come across on social media. Examples are shown below.

One of my favourite ways to take a picture of my shoe game is find interesting floors with patterns and creative designs. The pictures posted below are taken in New York City. For these types of pictures, you always have to go on a hunt to find interesting floor tiles.

There you have it; these are some different ways for you to improve your shoe game pictures. I hope this post has inspired some of you who needed the inspiration for your Instagram. Until next time!



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