What To Wear: Valentine’s Day

Hey ladies, this blog post is for all you last minute shoppers that have no clue what to wear for Valentine’s Day. I hope this post inspires some of you whom are looking to be inspired and hints on what to wear.

Shades of pink, white and red are always best to wear on Valentine’s Day. Last year I did a white and black classic look. This year I’m thinking of going for something opposite… perhaps red… maybe even pink? My look for Valentine’s Day is still a surprise, so all the looks below are just for you guys to be inspired from.

One of my favourite looks is this one here:


This tight white dress is from H&M, from the Divided collection. I bought this dress on sale for only $7! It is a bit see-through so nudes for underneath is a must. I styled this dress with an Aritzia blanket scarf, which was priced at $95 when I bought it. Perfect to wear over a plain white dress. This outfit is perfect for Fall as well.

I am obsessed with my “gypsy” necklace from Forever 21 which was just under $15. Love how it makes the dress stand out more. I paired an H&M clutch with my outfit and nude heels. These are always safe decisions. I love everything about this outfit!


My next outfit you could never go wrong with. Red is always a good choice.


This look is another one of my favourite looks because it is so easy to style. My dark red top is from Forever 21 and I am wearing it over my H&M fitted black skirt. Draped over me is my new black suede coat also from H&M, priced at $69.99. Worth the purchase! As for jewelry, gold is always the best way to do with a dark red top. My necklace is bought off eBay and my bracelets are from Aldo. With this outfit I decided to carry my black Dior clutch.

This was yet another easy outfit to style. There are many other choices you could have gone with in replace for my accessories and coat. A black blazer would also have looked nice with this outfit. You don’t even need to wear a necklace with this outfit, a few bracelets or just a watch would’ve looked just fine as well. For shoes, nudes, blacks and even a really light pink heel would’ve looked nice. I decided to go with my black heels that I recently purchased from Forever 21. They’re super comfy as well!



Now some of you may not want to wear a short dress or skirt for Valentine’s Day, which is completely fine. There are tons of other choices, such as denim with a cute lace top, cargo pants and a crop top styled with a loose blazer, or even a maxi dress. The best thing I sometimes do is go on Pinterest to find more detailed ways to style an outfit if I’m having a hard time figuring out what to wear.

For this next outfit I decided to change up the style and go for a more relaxed yet fashionable look.


Here I am wearing a basic linen cream coloured sleeveless top from H&M which was priced at about $17.99. The only thing with this top is that it gets wrinkled quite fast so you’ll have to keep it hung in the closet and give it a quick iron before you wear it.

For bottoms I wore my black pleather pants from Sirens, which were $22. Instead of wearing a leather jacket and making this outfit look more like a rocker, I went with my Aritzia loose blazer. Love this blazer, I’ve only worn it like once and paid about $175-200 for it! (Can’t help it, I love Aritzia!) Accessory choices are up to you with this outfit. There are many options to go with, a simple silver necklace or what I went with: chains. (At least there’s pink in there!) For my shoes I went with baby pink heels from Spring.


And there’s the full look at this outfit.

I hope you guys found some inspiration with this blog post. Hang in there, it’s almost the weekend! Enjoy the rest of your day ladies.




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