Weekend in Victoria

Hey guys! Last weekend I spent in Victoria and it was such a fun weekend, and also beautiful outdoors as well, felt like summer.


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Walking the pretty downtown Victoria streets 

This trip I got to spend a day restaurant hopping and tried lots of delicious appetizers at some very decorative places. One of my favourite places was Bodega Tapas Bar. Not only was it a peaceful walk to the restaurant, the owner and environment was just so at ease and it felt calming sitting outside underneath the pretty lights.

Another location I went to and loved was The Docks. I tried their rosemary bread and a mushroom neptune, which is bacon stuffed mushrooms and it is just so yummy! The decor inside was also appealing to the eye and it’s what made me want to go inside and sit at the bar under the pretty lights. There’s just something about lights that intrigue me.

Another great place I went too that had good vibes and good pizza was The Sticky Wicket. And they had a game room which was a bonus! I spent a lot of time there, unfortunately didn’t get enough pictures.

Lastly, my trip ended at a beautiful view point at Dallas Road. It was such a nice day out that making a quick stop before the long exhausting ferry ride home was necessary. I’m grateful to have family that live out in Victoria, gives me a reason to come visit the island here and there. And I had the chance to share some things with you guys so that next time any of you go, you’ll know the good places to go too!


P.S: I will be posting an outfit post tomorrow! Way to exhausted and I’ve got lots to catch up on tomorrow. Goodnight loves! Sweet dreams.




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