School Days..Zzzz

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP. There goes the 8am alarm for school that you wish you didn’t have to wake up too. Early morning classes are the worst and hardest to wake up for. Don’t you wish you could just keep pressing that snooze button? I know most of you guys would rather wake up and go to school wearing sweatpants and a hoodie that you just found laying around on the floor… but after this blog post, I hope I can change that for you!

No one wants to take longer than 15 minutes getting ready for an early morning class.. especially when you’re waking up in between 6 to 9am. Even I would reach for that hoodie if I didn’t have an outfit planned out the night before.

It’s really not that hard getting dressed in the morning if you have the right outfit to wear. And by “right” I mean comfortable bottoms and cozy tops. Always plan your outfit out the night before, trust me it helps and will save you A LOT of time. This way when you wake up, your outfit is laying next to you whispering, “hey you, don’t reach for the sweats, put me on!” (Ok, I may be getting a bit carried away but you know where I’m going with this.


The perfect pieces for you to wear in the mornings are boyfriend denims, which as super comfortable and easy to quickly put on, rather than tight denim or jeggings. For tops, sweaters/knits and t-shirts are always a good choice. Then dress up your look with either a leather jacket, blazer or a fashionable coat/jacket. Which ever one you feel most comfy in.

Accessories are probably something you’re going to stay away from in the morning, which is completely ok. Instead, style up your look with a nice purse of fashionable backpack, like the one I’m wearing. For footwear, anything works. Comfort is they key.

For my outfit, I wore my boyfriend denim for Garage, a comfy light grey Aritzia sweater and a black suede coat from H&M. For footwear I wore my comfy, easy to walk in, booties from Forever 21 and my new backpack from Forever 21 as well. I love this fashionable backpack!


See, it’s not that bad when you have your outfit set and ready to go the night before. I’m the type of girl that doesn’t really like wearing sweats outdoors, unless I’ve dressed them up in a way that is fashionably ok.

Hopefully this inspired some of you. Why not go looking fashionable to school?


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