My New Workout Routine

Working out has never felt better for me! Hey guys, hope March is treating you guys good so far. I’ve been extra busy now with a lot of things on my plate. In between my two jobs, school, spending time with family and friends, I am a huge work out junkie! It’s sometimes insane to me that I have time to fit in working out on my busy schedule, but there’s no such thing as “never enough time” for something.

I recently, (about a month ago), joined kickboxing. This has actually been one of my goals and a hobby that I really wanted to get into. I’ve always loved running and have been a runner my entire life, whether that came from playing soccer, sports in high-school or just working out at home on the treadmill. My usual workout routine for the past year or so has been strictly cardio. As much as I still love running, I decided to try something new and fun, kickboxing!


And so I joined Forca Fitness, a fitness place that just opened up near my house. It is so much fun finally being able to kickbox and such a great workout. My new workout routine is waking up about 8am most mornings, (unless I have a class or work then I go to the afternoon/evening classes), and going to kickboxing class. The workouts are always different every day so it keeps me surprised and wanting to go back, as sore as my legs/arms may get the next day.

There’s also days that I go for just a run up my street and around the neighbourhood, those runs are always good for when I want to clear my mind. And plus, when you have super cute new workout clothes, that’s the best motivation! Who wouldn’t want to workout in cute and comfortable clothes? Most my workout outfits are from Crush Clothing and Forever 21.

S’well water bottles are the best to keep you hydrated. It is guaranteed to keep your cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for up to 24 hours! Now that’s pretty cool. Also, not to mention that these water bottles are so cute and the designs are all so creative and interesting. This S’well bottle is from Crush Clothing, where a lot more designs are carried like this one.

Not a fan of working out? Here’s 10 reasons why you should jump on the fitness wagon:

  1. It is great for relieving stress and anxiety (Also reduces PMS ladies!)
  2. It is healthy for your body (Like you haven’t heard that one before, but it’s true!)
  3. Working out helps you achieve goals (Be a better you.)
  4. You feel a hundred times better after a good workout (I swear, it really does make you feel happy!)
  5. It lessens risks of getting diseases (Sick? Who me? No way!)
  6. It adds years to your HAPPY life (those who exercise live longer.)
  7. It helps you sleep better (So true, I sleep like a baby now. After a early morning workout and continuing on with my day, once I hit my bed, it’s the best feeling ever.)
  8. Working out gives you energy (Hip, hip, horray!)
  9. Improves self-esteem (Not only do you feel good about yourself after working out, you look good too!)
  10. Lastly, IT IS FUN. There are many ways to have fun and still get a good workout in.. for example, kickboxing!

I used to get bored on the treadmill from time to time and not want to go somedays, but now with kickboxing, I’m not only having fun, I’m working out much better and it has really made me feel so much better than I ever have.

Summer is approaching ladies and if you want that dream summer body of yours, try setting yourself a new workout routine plan and work towards your goals. And most importantly, have fun!


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