In a Blue Mood

The sun is shining and the clouds are visible in the bright blue sky. Today sure does feel like a summer day! Too bad I’m stuck here in class. As I was nearly falling asleep to my professors monotone voice, I decided to come to my happy place, my blog. Todays blog post will be an outfit post: my blue outfit.


This outfit is a perfect casual look and fashionable. I wore this outfit to school and then straight to work because of how comfortable it is. A long loose fitted blue top paired with skinny jeans is a great look for when you’ve got a busy packed day and want to be comfortable as you’re running around going from one place to another. Also, comfortable footwear really helps too!

My top is from H&M and was on sale for only $15.00, score! There are still similar tops available, not the same long length top but very similar, for $29.99 at H&M. My skinny jeans are from Forever 21 and also a reasonable price for denim, below $15.00. For my footwear I wore my comfortable black booties, also from Forever 21 and I can last up to many hours in these shoes because of how comfy they are on my feet. For accessories I styled a gypsy style necklace, also bought from Forever 21 for $14.99. BOHO necklaces are a stylish trend for spring and summer. Because I was going from school to work, instead of carrying a big purse around, I wore my Forever 21 backpack that is styled with a cute fluffy ball on the side from Crush Clothing. (A new trend that is seen on many purses/bags held by celebrities.)

FullSizeRender (11)

You can’t go wrong with a comfortable and fashionable outfit. Blue on blue is a perfect spring look!

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