Choose Lush

Lush is not only a great company because they fight against animal cruelty, but because their products work wonders! I’ve always purchased items from Lush, including my ocean salt face scrub that I’ve posted about in my previous blog posts. (Click here to read).

Recently I went into Lush to pick up yet another face scrub and decided to also get a face mask, since I haven’t tried the masks sold at Lush. There were many different choices and scents. In depends on your skin type in order for you to get the perfect mask. I went with the Oatifix face mask because my skin is sometimes sensitive and dry. This mask is made of bananas, vanilla, ground almonds and oats.

After using this face scrub once, I was so in love! It is perfect for my skin and feels super soft after I wash it off. I’m not a fan of face masks that become too sticky on my face and are rough to peel off, this is definitely the opposite. I would recommend this face mask to people with dry skin.


Click this link to read more on the Oatifix face mask:,en_CA,pd.html

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