California Adventures

After an exciting four day vacation in Los Angeles, I am more than glad to be home, relaxed and ready to get back to my usual schedule. My trip was wonderful and even though it was short, there was still so much going on that by the end of the nights I would be exhausted with my feet aching.

I got to Ramada Hotel in Anaheim, California on Thursday evening, where my cousin and I were staying on our trip. We were tired and hungry after the two and a half hour flight that we decided to go to The Cheesecake Factory, a restaurant that was only a fifteen minute walk from our hotel.


At The Cheesecake Factory, we ordered crab cakes which were so delicious! Probably the best crab cakes I’ve ever had, and they were quite big so I was full after that appetizer. Unfortunately I didn’t get a cheesecake and yes I do regret it because they looked very tasty! Next time perhaps.

Friday was all about Harry Potter World in Universal Studios, Hollywood. My experience at Harry Potter World was amazing! It was exactly how I imagined it to be, magical. There were tons of people because it was opening month and the line up for the two rides that were open were quite long, however it was such an amazing experience, especially for a Potterhead like me. The 4-D Hogwarts Journey ride was insanely well made and lots of fun. Oh and the Butterbeer was delicious. There were two options for butterbeer: frozen or cold. I went with frozen and it was sort of like an ice cold slurpee, and not to mention it is alcohol-free. Yes, the name, “butterbeer” is very misleading! We ate lunch at the Three Broomsticks restaurant in Harry Potter World. Their fish and chips were very good. Most of the food were feasts that 4-6 people could eat. Be prepared to wait about 20-25 minutes in line to eat at Three Broomsticks.


Next stop was Disneyland, the happiest place on Earth. This was my third time visiting Disneyland and every time I walk past the gates, there’s something about Disneyland and the atmosphere around you that seriously makes you so happy and gets you feeling like a child again. Even though we only had one day, we still had the chance to visit both Disneyland and California Adventures park. Although some rides were up to an eighty minute wait in the heat, we still had the time of our life.


I wish we had more time, I would’ve loved to visit Fantasyland and run into the Disney characters and princesses. The rides were just how I remembered them and everything about Disneyland was full of joy and entertainment.

After an adventurous trip, we concluded with the famous burgers at In-N-Out, located near LAX. And yes they were extremely yummy in my tummy! (I had too). Overall, my short vacation was an unforgettable trip with lots of new memories made.

Until my next adventure. Have a lovely day bloggers!


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