Howdy from the Rodeo

Are you planning on going to a Rodeo this summer? Or perhaps the upcoming Calgary Stampede this July? Whether it’s those two events or a country concert, here’s a look at my top pick for a Rodeo outfit.


Denim, flannels and big hats all scream rodeo outfits. Instead of denim I decided to go with a tight fitted black midi dress that is breathable to wear in the heat. Over the dress I styled a coloured flannel and tied it in the front to give it that “cowgirl rodeo” look. And of course you can’t go wrong with a hat. This look is simple to style and wear. There’s no need to accessorize this outfit either, and you probably would want to stay away from large accessories in the heat. However, throw on a cute pair of brown boots or ankle booties and your look is complete.


Flannel: Crush Clothing
Dress: Crush Clothing
Hat: Zumiez

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