Happy June

Happy June everyone! Summer is finally around the corner and I am super excited to spend the rest of my days off on the beach. I’ve been insanely busy with school and work the last few weeks that I haven’t had the time to make a post. However I have tons of stuff to blog about!


This “What I Wore” look is all about summer flannels. I love this tomboy look. I’m wearing a fitted baseball tee that is from Winners, under $20. (Great find!) This top is styled with denim shorts from H&M, priced at $24.99 and a pink summer flannel from Crush Clothing, priced just under $45. My sunglasses are $9.99 from H&M.


Summer coloured flannels are always a good choice for hot days. This summer rock a pink, light blue, red and other light coloured flannels. Whether it’s tied around your waste or thrown on over a maxi dress, flannels look good styled in many ways.

Hope everyones off to a good start this June. For all of you in school, hang in there. Only a few more weeks, (one week for me), till you’re free!

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