Pemberton Music Festival 2016 Lookbook

Hello world! The last few days have been full of excitement, memorable moments and memories made at this years Pemberton Music Festival. I could go on and on about the amazing artists, performances and outfits I got to see at the festival, however this post is all about my looks from the four day event. All my looks had a white theme going on which I didn’t notice till I looked at the picture afterwards! Scroll down below to view what I wore.



For my day one outfit I wore my Forever 21 white shorts that have a lace lining at the bottom and styled it with a $2, (yes, that’s right.. $2 on sale) H&M bright pink crop top. For accessories I wore a long silver chain necklace and my rainbow Lokai. My booties are from Forever 21 and super easy to walk around in for hours. (Wear comfortable footwear always!)

For music festivals I highly suggest taking a small side purse rather than big purses because you do not want to be carrying around a lot of stuff when around 15,000 people!


Even though it was raining and there were roars of thunder every few minutes at Pemberton, it was still very humid inside the festival. Although later at night it did get a bit chilly so I took a sweater along with me to throw on over when it got cold. The sweater was tied around my waist before my outfit change. Off the shoulder sweaters are my favourite. This one is from Forever 21.



Day two, also known as J Cole day at the festival, was a bit more of a chilly day than day one. I wore a white lace crop top with denim shorts, both from H&M. Since it was cold and I didn’t want to rock a sweater again, I decided to wrap my favourite poncho to keep this outfit looking stylish and keep myself warm. This was definitely my favourite look.



Thankfully the skies cleared up and weren’t too bad on day three of the festival. This look includes my Aritzia white shorts and a cream lace top from Urban Outfitters, styled with my Crush Clothing black hat. I absolutely love hats and the festival was filled with so many interesting chic hats.



Lastly, my day four outfit was all about my floral summer shorts styled with a white fitted crop top. This outfit is completely from Garage Clothing. The shorts are loose fitted and perfect to run around when at a music festival!


Overall, I had the time of my life at Pemberton and can’t wait to come back next year. I think everyone should experience a music festival at least once in their lifetime! Hope you all enjoyed viewing my outfits, because I sure enjoyed rocking out in them.


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