How to Perfect an Instagram Flat Lay

A lot of you may be wondering why it is so difficult to take a flat lay picture for Instagram. Believe me, it’s more troubling than it appears to be. Flat lays are “artsy” pictures that you see on Instagram. Many bloggers use this method of taking pictures of all their stuff in one squared picture. Below is a look at one of my recent flat lays.


For this picture, I am showcasing my newest book purchase that I am super thrilled about, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Yes, the book is amazing so far! To perfect this flat lay, it would only make sense to put similar items next to each other that correspond to the Harry Potter vibe. I used my two wands, (Harry Potter and Snape’s wands from the Harry Potter theme park), and angled it so they stand out from the corner. I used the black bag I got with the book and added that to the picture as well because the colours match with the book. That’s a good way to get your picture to stand out and get those likes!

A lot of bloggers go with plain white backgrounds in pictures because your stuff is more likely to stand out. However, you can always try new types of sheets or fabrics to use as your background setting.


Above is another look at one of my flat lays that has been published on my Instagram blog. This flat lay is all about a black and white feel and details that show what my everyday essentials are. It’s always good to mix and match different items togethers.

For example, in this picture I have used my Aritzia black pants, my canon camera because I go everywhere with it, makeup products, sunglasses, my skull candle and Forever 21 heels. What makes this flat lay interesting is that I used a page out of Vogue magazine and added that into this picture. The picture within a picture really stands out and because it is black and white, it goes perfectly with this flat lay.


Here’s another unique and different flat lay that I’ve done. This one is all about colours unlike the previous flat lay. You can choose to use little or tons of items in your picture, as long as it comes together and looks interesting! Again, in this picture I’ve mixed and matched a couple things which you guys can point out.

I love flat lays and to see more of my pictures, visit my Instagram page! (@davneetdhillon) I hope this inspires some of your flat lay pictures! Don’t forget to hashtag “flatlay.”

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