Tea Party Look

Tea parties are the perfect excuse to dress up in that formal dress that’s been pushed back in your closet waiting to be pulled out. There are many looks you can wear instead of dresses to tea parties. For instance, you could rock a hot two-piece dress suit, or even fashionable skirts with an off the shoulder top. Adding on a little tea party hat is also very acceptable. Alice in Wonderland vibes for sure!

Heres a look at my tea party outfit:


I’m wearing a Crush Clothing formal dress that has three-quarter length sleeves and a low v-neckline in the front. This dress flows beautifully and really gave me an Alice in Wonderland feel. I love adding new fashion trends to outfits to add detail and make the outfit look trendy and fashionably acceptable to wear this summer. In this case, I wore a navy choker necklace with this dress. Chokers are a major trend this season and can be styled with many looks. The choker seems as if it was made to be worn with the dress itself because of how the colours match.


This lace choker is also from Crush Clothing. I’m obsessed with these necklaces. If I wanted to make this outfit look more formal, I would have added small pearls. Definitely not the big pearls that you wrap and layer around your neck three times, because that would look like there is way too much going on. (Less is more!)

Now, off to the mad tea party!

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