It Sure Feels Like September

It’s that time of year again— back to carrying heavy textbooks, organizing your Fall wardrobe and preparing yourself for the back to school chaos. Some of you may be starting off your first year at college, (good luck), and might have a few questions on how to survive your first year. Here are a few tips that you guys could use:

  1. Stay organized. Keeping an agenda is crucial and will definitely keep you on track.
  2. Keep separate notebooks for each subject.
  3. Have a water bottle on you at all times. (It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day.)
  4. Carry a USB all the time. And keep your essay’s and homework on there because you never know when you will need that USB!

Those are just simple rules to help you start your school year. Now back to writing about fashion…


Above is a look at my #backtoschool flatlay. I usually don’t carry backpacks, however there are tons of stylish backpacks you can buy and glam up with a faux fur keychain. I bought a good sized purse from Dynamite that allows me to keep all my books and laptop in there. Along with my back to school shopping, I splurged quite a bit at Chapters/Indigo and bought notebooks ($8 on sale!) and an agenda that I take with me everywhere.

It’s time to shift your Fall pieces to the front of your wardrobe. The weather has been quite bipolar lately in the city and that means you’ll always have to carry that heavy jacket and an umbrella around with you. (It’s essential in Vancouver). The first day back was a warm day, (even thought it only lasted a few hours), so I went with wearing my white shorts from Forever 21 and a not so thick sweater from H&M, styled with my Forever 21 pleather booties. This was probably the last day that I was able to wear shorts before the rain hit town.


Because it was the first day of classes, I carried my mini Forever 21 backpack, which I styled with a Crush Clothing faux fur keychain. These keychains are super trendy and make for an excellent look on your purses, backpacks or even on your keys.


I hope everyone is somewhat enjoying being back to school. I will be quite busy this semester with school and work, however I will try to update you guys with new outfit posts every now and then. Enjoy the Fall semester!

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