Denim for Fall

Denim jackets are popular throughout the warm seasons. They have been styled with floral dresses, cropped tee’s and other spring/summer looks. Hold back on putting your denim jacket away because you can still rock that jacket in this chilly weather.

Picture Via GLAMOUR

These jackets can be worn draped over loose-fitted sweaters, worn overtop of a thicker material dress and even with a hoodie. The Jenner’s aren’t the only ones embracing denim jackets this Fall! This style has been seen on many celebrities and you too can find a good quality denim jacket from stores such as: Garage, H&M and Forever 21.

Picture via X17

The denim jacket I am wearing is from Crush Clothing and it is one of the most comfortable denim jackets I have worn. I’ve styled my jacket with a basic tee, black bottoms and a choker. This look is super easy to get!



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