Brighten Your Fall

If Fall is bringing your mood down, then it’s time for you to take control of your wardrobe and dress to brighten up the season with colourful pieces. Dressing in vibrant colours will not only make Fall seem brighter, but it will lighten up your mood for the day— and you’re bound to stand out!


There are many ways to dress to stand out this season: wearing colourful blanket scarves, statement necklaces (and other accessories) that pop and of course staying away from dark tops and bottoms. (Yes I am aware I am in black bottoms, but it’s the overall effect that counts!)

For my #ootd, I’m wearing a white scoop neck top, long sleeves and thick material, from Crush Clothing. My Fall bright coloured blanket scarf is also from Crush and reasonably priced at $35! (There’s more left!) Instead of carrying your dark shades of purses, bring out the lighter ones. Even if you decide to go with a darker look, your accessories will pop if they are more vibrant coloured than your outfit.


Shop Crush for more Fall looks by clicking here:

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