Enchant Christmas

If you haven’t gone and checked out Enchant in Vancouver yet, you must go! I had a blast last night walking around this spectacular light maze. Vancouver’s light maze and Christmas market was $20 to get in and it was so worth it. If you’re a blogger or someone who just loves to take interesting pictures to up your #instagame, then this is a place you need to go!


All the lights made Enchant seem so magical and it was like walking into a Winter Wonderland. The maze was quite large with many visual effects and bright lights. It is definitely a place to check out with your significant other on your next date night!

The best part about Enchant was the fake snow! Yes, that’s right… SNOW! I felt like a five year old child running around the maze. The amount of work put into making this light maze was unreal.

There was a set of many lights dangling down in Enchant which was the best place to take pictures! I’m pretty sure I spent at least twenty minutes in this part of the maze.


Overall, my experience at Enchant was amazing. I would so go again! And I hope you guys have a chance to experience the magic at Vancouver’s largest light maze as well.

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