First Snowfall of the Year & Hunter Boots Review

December 5th was a day that everyone in Vancouver completely lost their marbles because of the first snowfall of the year. I’m not going to lie, I went a bit crazy myself… especially on Snapchat. It’s only right that a Canadian gets overly happy and full of Christmas joy once the snow starts falling down. With that said, it’s crucial that we dress warm and comfortable in the chilly weather.


Hunter boots are essentials to own. I just bought my first pair when I heard it was going to snow very soon. These boots may feel a bit uncomfortable at first but you get used to them once you’ve spent a day breaking into them. By “breaking” I mean getting used to walking around in new shoes that you’ve just purchased and that your feet get used to the feel and fit.

My experience with Hunter boots has been great! They’re waterproof and kept my feet dry as I spent a whole day walking in them, and not to mention that Hunter boots are extremely stylish. In order to keep your feet and legs warm, you’ll have to invest in good liners and perhaps knee high socks so you won’t freeze! (Hunter boots also sell socks.) I bought these boots from Browns Shoes for $165, before taxes.

Snow days are the best days and it symbolizes winter coming. I’m a sucker for cozy snow days— snuggling in a warm blanket, drinking a hot coco from Tim Hortons, (so Canadian of me, I know), and watching classic Christmas movies, who wouldn’t love a relaxed snow day?


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