First Adventure of the Year

I am so excited to be going away this weekend to Arizona! (*Insert plane emoji here*). I will be staying in Scottsdale and enjoying the beautiful sunny weather, while everyone here in Vancouver will be cuddling up next to the fireplace because of the snowfall warnings. I can’t wait to take amazing pictures of the city and enjoy the warmth.

Here are my must take essentials when going away. I am definitely the type of person that overpacks but it’s better to have than to need later. I can never travel without good moisturizers and Olay always has my back. I love Olay products and will continue using their moisturizers forever! Another face cleanser I keep with me is my Sephora brand “Fresh” soy face cleansers which are small and perfect travel sized products to keep in your carry-on. Always carry a hand sanitizer with you as well, those surely come in handy.


Other must take essentials include:

  • Your passport.. don’t want to forget that!
  • Sunglasses
  • Concealer, even if you’re going somewhere hot and won’t be wearing makeup, always keep concealer with you because that’s something every girl can use, whenever needed
  • Your all time favourite lipstick that goes with every outfit. For me, it’s the Kylie Jenner matte lip kits… Candy K is my go-to lip colour
  • One good perfume is always an essential to have
  • False lashes

There’s many other “must take” items for me, especially since I overpack, but there are my absolute needs when going away. And I’m pretty sure I didn’t have to add this to the list because it’s just a known fact… take deodorant with you ladies!

I will be off bright and early tomorrow morning and will make a post when I’m back to my cozy bed. Until then, enjoy the snow everyone!


[Feature Image via Pinterest]

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