Valentine’s Day Lookbook

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As some people may get away with wearing denim bottoms and a fitted top this Valentine’s Day, the other half of you might be scrimmaging through your closet trying to find that perfect outfit for that perfect night.

Red, pink and white shades are all obvious Valentine’s Day colors that define the season of love. Scroll down to view outfits that you can wear straight from work to a fancy dinner.

Dresses are always ideal options to go with, especially when they come in red. Short, fitted and flared dresses are must haves to keep in your wardrobe. This dress here can be worn with flats during the day and heeled shoes for the evening. It’s simple to change an outfit from day to night when accessorizing appropriately.

Model: Davneet Dhillon Photographer: Nick Birkbeck
Model: Davneet Dhillon Photographer: Nick Birkbeck

Leave it to fashion blogger and BCIT’s Video/Photoshop Editing student Nick Birkbeck, 19, to show off looks for men to wear to a romantic Valentine’s dinner.

Model: Nick Birkbeck Photographer: Davneet Dhillon

As far as we’re concerned, there’s nothing better than dressing in style and comfort. For Nick’s second look he went with lighter shades.

Model: Davneet Dhillon Photographer: Nick Birkbeck

A red sleeveless top styled with pleather leggings gives an edgy look, especially when paired with heeled booties or high-heels, as seen in this picture. This look is accessorized with a snake purse from Aldo, (new in stores), and minimal accessories including a midi necklace and simple bracelet. If you’re someone who wants to go for a casual look, you can substitute heels for flats, accessories for a leather jacket or loose-fitted blaze and a skirt for tights.

Model: Kaitlyn Craig Photographer: Davneet Dhillon

Instagram photographer enthusiast and H&M sales advisor Kaitlyn Craig, 19, loves adding a pop of color to her outfits. Her Valentine’s outfit pick is a red-orange mix long sleeve sweater tucked into a fitted midi skirt. To add a pop of color and create a casual version of this look Kaitlyn put on a denim jacket. To change this look to more dressy, you can throw on a leather jacket or a blazer.

Model: Kaitlyn Craig Photographer: Nick Birkbeck

And there you have a few options of styles to rock on February 14. The first step to planning out your Valentine’s Day outfit is to figure out what your plans are. Whether that may be going out to a romantic dinner, to the movie’s or staying in, there’s an outfit for all those options. If you’re still in need of inspiration, check out Pinterest for more Valentine’s Day looks.

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Models: Kaitlyn Craig, Davneet Dhillon Photographer: Nick Birkbeck

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