What to Get Women This Valentine’s Day

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Christmas shopping may have just ended but there’s always another holiday that comes around giving you an excuse to head back to the mall and shop.  Love is in the air and that could only mean one thing: Valentine’s Day is amongst us. For all you men who have a special lady that always seems to please you with affectionate cards and gifts, nows your turn to spoil that perfect someone in your life.

Weather she’s the type of girl who admits that she’s not into Valentine’s Day, do not take her word for it. Every woman enjoys being surprised with “lovey-dovey” gifts. Candles, chocolates and flowers are all common gifts to receive on February 14. This year, think outside the box and get your girl something she will appreciate. Below are a list of handmade “DIY— do it yourself” presents that will surely make a persons heart warm.

Picture Via Passion for Savings

Creative handmade gifts will always cheer a person up. Not only is it easy and priceless to give, but it shows that you’ve put in the time and effort to surprise someone with a gift that comes from the heart. Creative handmade gifts such as a mixtape of your favourite songs yes many girls are still into receiving mixtape’s, or a basket full of her favourite essentials is perfect.

Take a trip to the Dollar Store, purchase a basket and wrapping paper and add in items such as candies in a jar, lotion, Lush products, a framed love quote, painting or picture or even a deck of cards which reveals all the reasons you love her on each card.

If you want to get really crafty, you can always make a scrapbook full of pictures and surprises in every other page. Or make her a coupon book where you can add in coupons that say, “Free movie date,” or “one half an hour massage.”

Picture via From Ana With Love

Read full article on Surrey 604 Magazine



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