Coping with Finals

It’s that time of year again where final papers are due and preparations for exams begin. It’s also that time where all our money gets spent on coffee from Tim Hortons. (Congratulations if you’ve won a roll up the rim.)

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Coping with finals can get difficult if you’re someone who procrastinates a whole lot, and trust me, you do not want to be someone who procrastinates because stress will come at you to stab you in the back.

Here are a few tips on how to cope with the season of finals:

  1. Keep a list of all the upcoming papers and projects that are due. I always keep a list of the things that are due with the due dates and once I’ve completed something I’ll cross it off. Highlight the projects that are due first. Remember, if you start earlier, you’ll be able to relax more.
  2. Stay active throughout finals season. Go to the gym, go for a run or a walk and you’ll find yourself energized by keeping your blood flowing. (Trust me, it helps!)
  3. Don’t starve yourself! Keep to your regular meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Stay hydrated and make sure you’re getting enough food to keep you awake and focused.
  4. This may be the most difficult tip, especially for me, but if you’re able to silence your phone, even if it’s for a limited time— do it. For a social media junkie like me, this is the hardest to do however it will get the job done. I usually get focused on my paper by putting my phone on “do not disturb” mode and check back every half-hour/hour as my “10 minute break.” If you’re able to silence your phone throughout a whole paper, you deserve an award.
  5. Take “me” time. Try to get your project done during the day and then award yourself with a break later on by hanging out with friends, watching your favourite shows on Netflix or simply just laying back and relaxing with a hot bath.

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These are some of my tips on how to cope with finals. I hope everyone’s able to survive the stress of this season and remember, summer is just around the corner!


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