How to Wear Mesh Tops

There’s something about wearing mesh tops that give you an edgy look and rockstar vibes. Or maybe that’s just me.

Mesh tops can be worn all year around but the way you wear these daring tops is important. So I’ve jotted down a couple rules on how to style and pull off a look with mesh fabrics. (Yes the word “mesh” will be in here a lot).


Here’s a look at how I styled my mesh top. Because these tops consist of thin fabrics, meaning they are see-through, you’ll definitely want to wear something underneath, but that “something” doesn’t necessarily have to cover your skin. (Insert wink emoji here).

Mesh tops can be intimidating but they’re meant to be fun and flirty when styled correctly. The basic rule for me is: always wear bandeaus/bralettes under mesh tops. This gives off a feminine feel to the look.

You don’t have to wear the same colour of bralette to match your top. Experiment with different colours to make your look “pop.” If you feel that a bralette is too short and you don’t prefer to show off much skin, you can always substitute a bralette for a sports bra or a cropped fitted tank.


I styled my top with a bralette, pleather leggings and baby pink heels to add colour to my outfit. These tops can be paired with any type of bottoms, it always depends on the length of your top and we’re you’re headed too. If you have a long mesh top like mine, styling it with pleather leggings works, especially for a night out. If you feel that the top it too long, you can always give it a twist and tie it up to make it into a crop top.

Wearing a long necklace underneath your mesh top is a good option to go with when accessorizing. Because these tops are revealing, some diamonds under your top will create a glam look for your night out.

Other ways to style mesh tops are:

  • Layer sheer clothing over crop tops that have graphics or statements written on them
  • Layer mesh top over a bralette with sequins or diamonds on it to add an edgy look
  • Style mesh top over a top that is the same colour which adds a monochromatic look
  • Bright colours always attract more attention. This Spring, be daring and add neon colours underneath your mesh top

Be daring and creative when it comes to this style and you’ll feel good about going out on your next girls night!

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