Lash Extensions Trend for Summer

Summer is almost here, and with the new season comes new trends. Luckily for those of us who like to hit snooze, you can save some time off your daily routine with the latest phenomenon to hit the beauty world! Eyelash extensions are the longer-term alternative to false lashes, which are attached individually onto your natural lashes and can last up to a month.

With great lashes come great responsibility, so here are both pros and cons of getting extensions:


Waking up ready to go for the day is by far the biggest advantage of lash extensions. During application, you get to relax, lay back with your eyes closed and listen to chill music in the background as the lash technician makes your lashes long and beautiful.


The completely painless procedure will give you the lashes of your dreams in only 1-2 hours. Having lash extensions will definitely make Monday mornings easier. You might just find yourself getting addicted to batting your eyelashes!

“Lash extensions complete the look for an effortless morning.” — Jennifer Sterling, JCI Body Spa Instructor


Let’s be honest, once you start getting lash extensions, there’s no stopping there. The only pain you may experience from your extensions is the swiping your credit card every few weeks. Lash extensions are not cheap and getting the best treatments can cost upwards of $100. Though fill appointments (upkeep after the initial application) are less costly, they will add up over time.


Maintenance doesn’t end there – you have to remember not to rub your eyes and will even be required to blow dry your lashes after showering. Brushing your lashes is also a must to prevent tangles. As with any treatment, it’s important to understand that infections and allergic reactions can sometimes occur, so chose a properly trained lash technician to keep that risk to a minimum.

There you have it, the pros and cons of lash extensions! Ready to try them out for yourself? You can book lash extensions appointment at the JCI Body Spa by calling 604-688-0328.


Article written for John Casablancas Institute Blog
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