JCI Fashion Graduate, Co-op Student and Art Enthusiast: Carolina Lara Cardoso

Carolina Lara Cardoso knew exactly what she had to do in order to pursue her dreams of becoming an Art Director in Canada and leading a creative team. After a sudden loss in her family, she gathered herself together and moved from Brazil to Canada to study Fashion at John Casablancas Institute.

“I decided to spend time away from Brazil to grow stronger as a person and learn more about the international fashion industry.” 


“Besides the fact that Fashion is one of the largest industries in the world with high demands, what inspired me to get into this industry was its true art form. Fashion tells stories— from the designers who create garments to the people who wear it, and it reflects the changes in human history.” 

Carolina enrolled in the Fashion Business and Arts Program at JCI in 2016 after completing a degree in Advertising in Brazil. As a newcomer to Vancouver, she didn’t have many references or friends, however, she decided the city would be a great place to network with people in the industry.

“I had to overcome my fear of being an outsider and having English as a second language. To this day, I often struggle with myself but I love challenges because they keep me going. I’ve learned to start new friendships and value every person that crosses my path.”


As someone who enjoys traveling and experiencing different cultures, the adaptation process for Carolina was very natural. Despite it getting tough being away from friends and family back home, Carolina kept busy with creativity and made new connections.

Fashion is not the only thing that Carolina is passionate about—she enjoys studying and learning about Art History, Architecture, Design and recently found an interest in Botany.

“A few of my fashion inspirations are Grace Coddington, David Bowie, Alessandro Michele, Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney and Leandra Medine.”

Since graduating from the JCI Fashion Program, Carolina began her Co-op placement with Amaterasu, a Canadian Beauty Brand founded by JCI Fashion and Makeup graduate Sara Au Yeong. Carolina works as the Creative Digital Designer—creating visual content for the brand including videos, product photography, and graphics.


“I love the creative aspect of fashion. It it much more than trends— getting dressed is an act of poetry.”

The biggest challenge that Carolina has come across as an international fashion student is building a network from scratch. It’s difficult to start a career in a competitive industry without networking. This is a reason why Carolina decided to begin her Co-op at Amaterasu and since then she has built many connections.

“I have been very lucky to work alongside with Amaterasu Beauty because I get to work for a company that not only values quality over quantity but sees people and the planet alongside their profit.”

From Brazil to Canada, Carolina has been walking with her head held high and focusing on goals to consolidate her career as an Art Director and preparing to lead a creative team in the long run.


Check out the creative projects that Carolina has contributed to on her website

Article written for the John Casablancas Institute Blog.

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