A.M to the P.M… funk.

Work. School. Gym. This Fall semester is draining but my days are going by quicker than ever! With five classes, working in Gastown, Vancouver and still making time to get a workout in, I’ve never been so exhausted and happy to be in bed by the end of my long days.

It’s definitely not easy and I wouldn’t recommend taking five third/fourth year courses if you’re someone who can’t handle a large workload and/or long commutes to work afterwards.

Here’s what my day-to-day routine looks like:

I typically begin my mornings with a protein shake. Some days I’m able to make a morning boot camp class at House of Gains, and other days I get my morning shake ready and go to the gym later in the evening.

For my shakes, I fill up my bottle about halfway with water, add a scoop of chocolate protein and one teaspoon of peanut butter, just because I love peanut butter and it gives it that extra flavour. You can substitute milk for water, however, it does become heavier. I prefer water because it’s easier to drink, especially in the mornings.

I tend to not wear much makeup during weekdays, usually because I don’t have time to put on a full face of makeup. I have lash extensions done which saves me a whole lot of time getting ready! (The best decision you’ll ever make.)

My minimal makeup routine consists of the following products: Smashbox concealer, ABH eyebrow dip, lipstick and blush, if I’m feeling extra! Concealer saves my life every morning. Once my makeup is done, I’m out that door and not home till late.

My days are spent at both Kwantlen Polytechnic University, where I’m majoring in Journalism, or in Gastown, where I work as a Social Media Coordinator at a private institution. As you can tell, my days are long and I’m always on the go.

Time management and organization is key. These two tips will get you through your long days as they do for me. Since I take the skytrain to work, I have a good 40 minutes to work on homework or write blog posts on my iPad mini 4!

As soon as I get home from school and work, I rush to the gym and get my 30-45 minute workout in. My time at the gym typically depends on how tired I am. By the time I get home I usually only have time to eat and sleep.

Some days I’ll have time to catch up on light-reading or if I have a lot of homework to do, then I’ll be making a trip to Tim Hortons for a large black coffee. There are days where I get a max of five hours to sleep, but I’ve always been the morning typeyou get used to it.

Feel like giving up? Read my previous blog post on How to stay Motivated this Fall Semester.

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