How to Layer for Fall

The temperatures may be dropping in Vancouver but that shouldn’t stop you from wearing that pleated skirt you just bought or your new ankle strap heels.

Sure you just spent all your savings on a brand new coat, (probably from Aritzia), but that doesn’t mean you have to be cuddled up in a coat all day long! Here are a few ways to layer your clothes this Fall.

The New Way to Wear Skirts

It’s amazing how every season fashion stylists discover new ways to wear a classic skirt. Would you ever think of wearing your long knee-length skirt over your denim jeans? Well, imagine it! This is a trend that a lot of New Yorkers follow during Fall.

Source: Pinterst (Who What Wear)

This may be a bit overwhelming for a few of you, so instead of daring to take this fashion risk, you can substitute denim for leather leggings. Skirts over leather leggings not only look fashionable, this look will also keep you warm.

Source: Pinterest (Esbeidy Mondragon)

On a chilly day, you can also wear tight fitted shorts or midi-leggings underneath your skirts. Lululemon has a great selection for these items! Here’s my look from today:

I styled my oversized crop sweater with my pleated skirt and accessorized it with a choker and black booties. My sweater was large enough for me to make it an off-the-shoulder top!

More Knits, More Warmth

Layering your knit sweaters with cardigans is a given for this season. Get your hands on a couple long cardigans that you can wear over your sweaters and underneath your coats. Try complaining about the cold then!

The bigger, the better. Now add a blanket scarf to your outfit and you’re Fall-ready!

Heels with Socks

Now this has to be one of my favourite trends of all time! Seriously, whoever started this trend is a genius. Wearing socks with heels just made fashion easier and cozier.

Source: Tumblr (naimabarcelona.tumblr.comNSaved

And there you have some of my favorite tips and tricks on how to stay layered this chilly season. For more Fall fashion looks, keep up with me on Instagram!

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