For the longest time, I’ve always wondered if teeth whitening kits really do work and now I have my answer.

A couple of weeks ago, Smile Brilliant contacted me to collaborate and I was more than excited about this collaboration because I’ve always wanted to try a teeth whitening kit and see what the hype is really about.


A little bit about Smile Brilliant… 

Created by dental professionals, Smile Brilliant developed a system that allows their customers to make their very own dental impressions at home, eliminating a trip to the dentist, and provides you with the right tools to whiten your teeth from home.

My Experience… 

I received my Smile Brilliant package and the first thing you must do is read the instructions on how to prepare your dental impressions. Once that was done, (a quick 20-30 minute process), I mailed my impressions back to the company where they had professionals create my impressions and send back to me once completed.

I was surprised at how quick and responsive the team at Smile Brilliant was! They got back to me very quickly and from there, the magic began.


The day I got back my impressions I was eager to use the whitening tools. The best and only time I used my kit was before bed, allowing your teeth to rest and absorb the treatment.

Instead of talking about how to use this teeth whitening kit, you can watch my Smile Brilliant experience here:

Overall, I was so shocked by the results I saw within the first 2-3 days of using this kit. Even after each treatment, you can really see results right away at how white your teeth become and clean. I was so happy with my before and after results as seen below.

I would highly recommend this kit to anyone because it’s super easy to use and you can purchase it at a reasonable price. I mean, I was sitting and watching Netflix while my teeth were getting cleaned… yes, I’d rather use Smile Brilliant and save myself a trip to the dentist! (Not saying that you should completely stop seeing your dentist…)

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