Flirty Frills for 2019

Who else is tired of the cold air hitting you in the face while you’re trying to snuggle and hide inside your large winter coat on the way to work? Let’s face it, we’re all over this chilly season and we’ve had enough of the snow. Arizona and Vegas were even thinking, what the heck?

March is around the corner and that means it’s time for changes. We’re ready for spring cleaning and planning our new wardrobe. Although we may need to hold onto a few of our favorite winter jackets for the upcoming month, (yes, teddy bear coats are fine to keep)— we can slowly begin moving our chunky turtleneck sweaters to the side.

Spring and summer 2019 is all about frills! This feminine and playful trend are going to be seen in window displays and styled by popular bloggers for the warm seasons. When we think of frills, we think of summer and delicate pieces.

According to numerous fashion sources, dreamy pastel colors will come into play for ss19 and we are in love. Frill clothing pieces will be explored with ruffles and hints of florals will also be visible next season. This trend has been seen on the catwalk at shows including Coach.

From frill tops to bottoms, these pieces can be worn to brunch, summer parties, and even music festivals. Add on layers of necklaces or throw on a pair of summer wedges to complete your look. Dress up these looks with our favorite summer accessories including hair bows, big hats, pearl necklaces, and platform heels. Don’t forget your cat-eye sunglasses, and you’ll be spring/summer ready!

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