Your Guide To Shopping For Spring 2019

With daylight savings passed, it’s official, Spring is truly around the corner which means it’s time to prepare your wardrobe with new trends and color tones for the warm season. From minimalism styles to neons and animal prints, here are this season’s must-have fashion trends.

The Neon Palette

Neon clothing is a bold trend for Spring and I can’t complain because I am loving this trend. I just bought a neon pink cropped top from Aritzia the other day and noticed that they have a large collection for neons available in store. Many stores are embracing this trend including Zara, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 and more.

Minimalism is Key

When you hear minimalism, you instantly think of a neutral palette and contemporary looks. Minimalism trends include soft shades such as off-whites and khakis. Here’s a look at a few of these styles that you can find in stores near you.

Tiger Print

As if we haven’t seen enough animal print already! Although the popular leopard print will still be seen throughout spring/summer this year, it’s time to welcome another animal to the game. Say hello to tigerskin prints, an emerging trend this season. From wool sweaters to dresses, this versatile print is seen everywhere.

Boiler Suits

When I heard “boiler suits,” I thought, what the hell is that? And then I saw popular bloggers embrace this head-to-toe trend and I fell in love. It may not be my go-to style for a jumpsuit, but it’s definitely a trend worth exploring. These suits typically have a drawstring or belted waists, as seen below. ASOS has a large collection of boiler suits.

“”For effortless, powerful style, there’s nothing like a boiler suit,” says Vogue‘s shopping editor, Naomi Smart.” 

Colorful Knits

Yes, bring on the colored trends! Neon is definitely going to be a favorite trend of mine this month, but what’s better than exploring new shades of bright colors, especially when they come in cozy knits. These knit sweaters can be styled casually with mom jeans or dressed up with long skirts.

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