My Top 10 Songs This Week


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Sit back, relax and scroll through the top ten songs I’m bumpin’ this week.


The beat says it all. Houdini’s verse after Pressa’s is FIRE! Pressa kills it too, I always knew he had potential.

“He talkin’ all that ’cause he shared it on the internet but I ain’t with that.” 

ON GOD (Feat. Young Thug) – Juice WRLD

Chicago rapper Juice WRLD released 22 songs on his Death Race For Love album and each song has the dopest beats. This one’s definitely a favorite off the album, featuring Young Thug.

“Bringin’ you new Chanels, don’t look at the tag, baby.” 

Numb Numb Juice – Schoolboy Q

One of those songs that make your head bob… the entire song. Wish it was longer than 1:55.

“I might get life, that’s on my life.” 

Summertime Magic – Childish Gambino 

Imagine driving a convertible on the sea-to-sky highway with your hair blowing in the wind and holding the hand of your significant other. That’s exactly the vibe of this song. Get ready to get in all your summer feels.

“You feel like summertime, you took this heart of mine..”

Hear Me Calling – Juice WRLD

Another hit by Juice WRLD. This music video just dropped a week ago too, check it out.

“You love me to death even when I’m a mess.”

Bad Girls (Feat. Gucci Mane) – Lil Skies

“Chills down her spine, she play it back like rewind.”

I – Lil Skies

Love this song. Might move up on my list next week.

“Shine so bright in a world so dark.”

Racks in the Middle (Feat. Roddy Ricch and Hit-Boy) – Nipsey Hussle

I’m feelin’ this, and I’ve always been a huge fan of Nipsey Hussle.

“All this money, power, fame and I can’t make you reappear.” 

Girl’s Best Friend (Feat. Ty Dolla $ign) – 2 Chainz

I wasn’t feeling this album much, but here’s one song from the album I played often.

“They say diamonds, a girl’s best friend.”

Swervin’ (Feat. 6ix9ine)

I am in love with this entire album. Enough said. (But I mean I wish 6ix9ine wasn’t in this song…) A bit old now though, so don’t be surprised if it moves off my list next week.

“How you look so perfect on your worst days?” 

Stay tuned for next week’s top ten.

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