Top 10 Songs: Nipsey Hussle

This week’s Top 10 Playlist is dedicated to Nipsey Hussle. I am so upset and still in shock that Nipsey Hussle has passed away. I remember listening to The Marathon Continues back in the day and instantly I was hooked.

It’s such a heartbreaking feeling having to hear that one of your favorite artists has passed away, and thinking that wow, there’s never going to be a new album from the artist or you’ll never get to see them perform live. I can’t put into words how sad that truly is. I’ve always admired Nipsey because of who he was, a REAL artist and someone who gave back to his community. The world took him so young and it’s unfair. REST IN PARADISE NIPSEY. Praying for Lauren and the rest of his fam.

Here are a few of my favorite songs by Nipsey Hussle, in no particular order. Definitely was hard keeping this list at just ten.

1. Come Over (Ft. James Fauntleroy)

2. Late Nights and Early Mornings

3. Tha Mansion

4. 7 Days a Week

5. Last Time That I Checc’d (Ft. YG)

6. I Don’t Give a Fucc

7. Grinding All My Life

8. Sound Of My Ceremony

9. Bigger Than Life (Ft. June Summers)

10. Road To Riches


Nipsey will forever remain a legend and will always be missed. Rest in beautiful peace.


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