2020 Resolutions

Have you created a vision board for the new year? If you’re someone who wants to stay motivated this year and truly accomplish your short + long term goals, then it’s important to have your vision/resolutions in front of you at all times.

I have a vision board created that I put up in my room, which allows me to see my goals and dreams every day. A vision board is simple to create, all you need is a poster board (can be bought from Dollar Store), glue, scissors, and old magazines or printed images to paste onto your board. A couple topics to put on your board can include Health, Wealth, Love, Long-Term Goals, Short-Term Goals, Career, Mental Health, and other topics that interest you.

Other ways to create a vision board can be journaling it into a notebook, or writing out your goals on your phone and saving it as your wallpaper. I feel it helps to see your goals every day because it keeps you motivated and wanting to succeed, even on your bad days, it’s a reminder to keep going.

Here are a couple of my goals for 2020: 

  • Give 110% into everything I do this year. Whether that’s blogging, capturing content, collaborations, or working on social media management.
  • Drink 8 glasses of water every day. This is something I truly want to work on!
  • Surround myself with motivated people. There is no time to get caught up in negativity. Surround myself with positivity and good energy.
  • Take care of my mental health. Practice self care more and take days off to relax and unwind.
  • Live in the moment. Be more present in everyday life. Get off the phone to actually be connected with my surroundings and be grateful for the life I am living. Take it all in, day by day.
  • Travel more. Book myself a flight, plan adventures, and explore more.

These are just some of my goals for 2020. What are your goals?

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