CBD Oil for Anxiety: Birch + Fog Product Review

Just like most of you, I also get stressed out and anxious from time to time. It gets overwhelming being constantly on-the-go and trying to do as much as I can within my day without overworking myself and wanting to collapse, or scream into a pillow because I’m stressed out.

A lot of people suggested CBD oil for calming anxiety and so I was curious to try for myself. Research also shows that CBD oil helps reduce stress and allows you to sleep better throughout the night. CBD is being used in tons of products nowadays, including drops, teas, shampoos, soaps, etc.

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If you’re confused about what “CBD” is, let me explain. CBD stands for “cannabidiol” which comes from cannabis plants. This is a completely NATURAL remedy and is NOT psychoactive in any way, (like THC). If you’re someone who suffers with pain or anxiety/stress, then CBD is a natural option for you as it helps regulate moods and social behavior.

Birch + Fog focuses on plant-powered wellness essentials that elevate your mind, nourish your body, and enhance your perception of beauty while embracing the whole of the human experience. When I read this, it made me want to collaborate with the brand immediately, because it’s more than to get a “high,” but rather focusing on your mind and soul with the help of plant-powered products.

I was gifted a few products from Birch + Fog, including my favorite product, the feelCBD Full Spectrum Revive Drops. This 30ml bottle includes 300mg of CBD and is formulated to awaken your senses and give you a boost of energy. The reason I chose this specific product is that I wanted that boost of energy to keep me focused on working and other tasks throughout the day, rather than stressed and in a panic state from AM to PM.

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I started the bottle a couple weeks ago, at a small dosage, which I finally decided to increase now. The flavor of the drops is wild orange, with bergamot essential oils that naturally help with improving fatigue, mood, and vitality. I don’t mind this taste, but I do wish it was more fruity.

The drops have been working really well and I’ve noticed the difference over the weeks. In terms of anxiety, it does calm me and keep me energized rather than tired, but I would say that it helps a lot with keeping me focused throughout the day. That can include going to the gym or working. I always take the drops in the morning and feel it gives me a sudden energized feeling, rather than feeling stressed about how much I have to do in the day. I definitely would recommend this product and would say to check out all other products on Birch + Fog because they have TONS for specific reasons.

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