Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Quarantine Edition

With a pandemic going on and an uncertainty of when we’ll go back to to normal life, let’s be sure to celebrate Mother’s Day an extra special this year. Some of you may be fortunate to be at home with your moms during this time like I am, and others may be distanced due to COVID-19. Hang in there, we’ll get through this. And for those isolating, you can still celebrate those special women in your life via Facetime or Zoom.

Typically when I create these gift idea blog posts, the majority of the time you’d have to go out and about to get them. Since we’re all practicing self-isolation, shopping for Mother’s Day gifts will have to be done from the comfort of your home.

If you’re planning on ordering gifts online, be aware that your packages can get delayed, even if you’re ordering weeks ahead of time.


For The Mom Who Misses Going Out:

If your mom misses going out to her favorite restaurant, shopping at her favorite store, and getting pampered at her favorite salon, give her all the experiences she’s missing at home!

Order in from your mom’s go-to restaurant if they offer take-out, or re-create her favorite meal at home. Get her a gift card as well because let’s face it, your cooking probably won’t compare to the real deal experience from her favorite restaurant, and you’re supporting a local restaurant so that’s a win-win situation. Don’t forget to make happy hour drinks for your mom!

Image via Design Improvised

Does your mom like to shop a lot? Is she always making a trip to the mall? Get her an online gift card to her favorite store and let her pick out new summer outfits, even if she’s wearing them to sit in the living room. Let the woman glam up!

This is one gift that your mom is guaranteed to love: AT-HOME SPA DAY! You might be singing “I’m a slave for you,” (*Britney Spears voice*) all day long, but it will all be worth it to see her smile. Give your mom an at-home facial, manicure while she sips on her tea or mimosa, or a massage while you play spa music in the background. These are things that she will definitely appreciate. And if your mom is still working like mine, definitely give her a relaxing massage, afterall, she needs it.

Image via Pinterest

For The Mom Who Loves Her Sweets and Tea

Set up an at-home high-tea with your mom. Support your local bakeries and order a couple of sweets or a cake and surprise your mom with a beautiful homemade tablescape full of sweets, tea, and fresh florals.

If you live in the lower mainland, Sweet Avenue Bakery is selling high-tea and sweet boxes, available in two sizes. This is a perfect one-stop-shop for all you need to set up a high-tea morning with your mom.

IMG_1464 2.JPG
Image via Sweet Avenue Bakery

For The Mom Who Loves To Travel

This will pass and when it does, your mom is going to LOVE (and need) a vacation, like the rest of us.

Order travel accessories that your mom can look forward to using in the future, such as a personalized tote, passport cover, beach hat, new scandals, or even a new beach-themed bathroom set to make her feel like she has something to look forward to every time she goes to the bathroom!

Personalized Beach Tote from Etsy

For The Mom Who Loves To Relax 

Self-care and relaxing purchases are always a great idea. Self-care gifts can include face masks, facial creams, a good book, teabags, or essentials from Saje Natural Wellness.

Relaxing items can include a new lounge chair for the patio or meditation cushion that your mom can use while enjoying the outdoors during this time. Other items such as a cozy robe, diffuser, candles, and bath salts are gifts that will definitely help relax your mom.

Untitled design.png
Images Via Pinterest

You can even surprise your mom with a picnic set up outdoors and if it’s a beautiful day out, pretend you’re on a vacation with your mom. Put on some music, give her a margarita and sunglasses and enjoy the outdoors!

There are tons of other gifts you can find on Amazon and for more inspiration, Pinterest! I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother’s Day and hopefully next year we can take our moms out and about!

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