uniwigs hair extensions rEVIEw

When Uniwigs sent me their hair extensions to play around with, I was beyond excited. I changed my hair colour from being blonde to bronde… it definitely is more on the brunette side now. After being blonde for so long, I needed a break and to take care of my hair from the damages it’s been through.

With that said, my hair has never felt healthier. And since I changed my colour, I no longer could use my previous extensions, and so Uniwigs reached out to me at the perfect time. They chose the colour of my extensions from viewing my Instagram feed, and they were point on. So amazing, right?!

I was so happy to see that they sent me not only one pair of their clip-on extensions, but also their ponytail extensions! I have yet to try the ponytail extensions, but once I do, I will definitely post the pictures on my Instagram page.

Here’s what the extensions that I did try on look like:

The before is my regular hair length, and you can definitely tell how the length is much more longer in the after picture. I love how the colour blends so perfectly with my hair colour.

The extensions were super easy to apply. Each piece has a clip on it. You’ll need to section your hair according to how many pieces you’re going to put in and based on that you can give yourself a fuller look or keep it natural, like I did.

I definitely will be trying the ponytail version soon and I’ll keep you updated on how that looks! In the meantime, to view more on how these extensions look, you can watch my Instagram Reel. The extensions I am wearing are called the Sophie 16, invisible human hair clip extensions in colour G-6 light brown.

I highly recommend checking out Uniwigs hair extensions, and the team was kind enough to send me a discount code to share with my followers! Use code ‘DAVNEET’ to save 15% when you purchase uniwigs.

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