I have always struggled putting on false lashes… until WildRose Beauty came into my life! That may sound like a complete ad, but you guys, I am serious– these lashes are magic!

I’ve taken a break from wearing lash extensions and currently I’m trying to grow out my natural lashes, so I’ve been applying vaseline every night to help with growth, as that has helped me in the past.

Of course, there’s days when I still want to go out and wear a pair of falsies to enhance my features, and I was beyond excited when WildRose Beauty asked to collaborate with me.

I was sent two pairs of silk lashes and a 2-in-1 eyeliner + lash adhesive. Yes, you read that correctly, a 2-in-1 eyeliner + lash adhesive exists and it is amazing. I have never applied lashes so quick until I used this magic tool! Don’t believe me? See for yourself in my Youtube video where I show you guys how I applied the lashes and how they look on.

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What I love about these lashes are that they are handcrafted and made with premium silk, because silk is known to be the best material for it’s health benefits– it is breathable, lightweight (which is truly a game changer), naturally hypoallergenic, and high frequency.

I’ve tried on lashes in the past that would weigh down my eyelids and feel heavy throughout the night, and by the time I would get home, all I would want to do is rip off those lashes right away. What I love about these silk lashes are that they are super lightweight so you don’t feel any heaviness on your eyelids, nor do the lashes irritate or bother me throughout the night.

The eyeliner + lash adhesive duo is so easy to use, and it truly saves so much time from having to apply liquid glue, which we all know can also get very messy, and if you mess up… the struggle IS REAL.

I would highly recommend checking out WildRose Beauty. Support small businesses and shop online today! I promise you guys won’t regret these lashes.

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